Prevention is a major facet of the COANIQUEM mission. Campaigns include educating the parents whose children are patients at the centers and educating the public about the dangers of fireworks and kite flying. There are reminders of this throughout Santiago through billboards and recycling containers.

COANIQUEM conducted an epidemiological research project financed by FONIS during 2012-2013. The results reveal:

•Children burns were reduced in 46% in the last two decades thanks to better housing conditions and COANIQUEM’s prevention campaigns.

•Hot objects became the main cause of burns in children, instead of hot liquids, like in developed countries.

This video, produced by students at the DUOC UC in Viña del Mar illustrates the many ways children can be burned and how burns can be prevented:

What's New!


In 2013, COANIQUEM  conducted an international prevention campaign in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Guatemala sponsored by UNDP. The program trained ten professionals in each country with an E-learning course and on-site technical support.


•Train 40 professionals in prevention.

•Diagnosis of the situation in each country and design of communication strategies and prevention campaigns.


  • This program features our new mascot “Santi” who warns children of the dangers of fireworks, hot liquids, kites and household hazards

  • The program uses brightly drawn picture books for the children, as well as posters and other written materials targeting adults.

  • This program was sponsored by a UNESCO grant and developed by the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.

A series of picture books, featuring Santi, have been created for parents and teachers to use to educate their children. Click here to download a sample : Santi y el Fuego






















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