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COANIQUEM BCF has received a grant of $190,000 from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation. Combined with a $10,000 match from a generous donor, we have a $200,000 project to renovate and expand the Casabierta facility at COANIQUEM in Santiago, Chile.

There will be additional rooms for child patients and their parents, more space for international visitors receiving training, and some safety upgrades. Additionally, there will be some enhancements to the entrance and surrounding play area.Download the architectual renderings!










We had a special visit in COANIQUEM, Harry and Kay Leibowitz, Stephanie March, Mary Elredge, Caitlin Caldwell, Lionel and Sandy Scholl, All, from WORLD OF CHILDREN (board members and donors). They spent the day with the children and made a donation. It was a very nice day, the children enjoyed playing with them and sharing their stories. Please click here for more information.

ArtCenter /Design Matters project update:

Coaniquem: Safe Niños Designing Innovative Interactive Environments for Pediatric Healing

A team of students and faculties traveled to Santiago and stay in COANIQUEM for two weeks. It was a field trip to get to know and understand COANIQUEM in order to design innovative healing environments for the patients. This project SAFE NINOS was granted an award of the foundation VentureWell for its social impact. Thanks to the grant, two students and a faculty traveled to Chile last week to test the ideas and gather more information for the project. It will also finance a third trip to implement some of the prototypes.Dr Rojas traveled to Pasaadena for the kick off of the course and for the mid term presentation. He will also tattend the final presentation.

This has been an amazing experience for COANIQUEM, the whole community has been involved, sharing their ideas and dreams to make the facilities a better place for the children. Collective brain storm sessions with the staff, activities with the children in Casabierta and the waiting room, parents interviews has helped the team to understand and prioritize key challenges. Please go to the website for more information.

Download the 2014 Annual Report

A Presidential Visit!
President Bachelet visited the Rehabilitation Center on December 24th, to support the campaign “Alto al Fuego” 2014 - 2015. The aim of the campaign is the prevention of burns by the use of domestic fireworks: “Do not use, buy nor sell fireworks”.

President Bachelet President Bachelet President Bachelet

2011 Visit to COANIQUEM
The BCF committee in California has put together a slideshow of their visit to COANIQUEM in April 2011. Take a look at our visual "Journey to COANIQUEM":


35th anniversary celebration:

35th anniversary


COANIQUEM celebrated 35 years providing rehabilitation treatment to children who have suffered burn injuries. Over 100,000 children and youth from Latin American and Caribbean countries have been treated in the three rehabilitation centers in Chile. Government authorities, directors, sponsors and friends of COANIQUEM attended the celebration on April 29, 2014 at the rehabilitation center in Santiago. Companies like Lan, Turbus, Petrobras, Salcobrand and DDB Chile where recognized for their significant support to COANIQUEM.”



DC Event:
A fund raising event was held on June 1st 2014 in DC, to finance a new massage therapy device needed for the rehabilitation treatment of children with burn injuries. Thanks to the attendees and COANIQUEM BCF team that worked hard putting on the event, this new technology will be implemented in the rehabilitation centers in Chile. Hundreds of children will benefited by this therapy that makes possible a better evolution of scars

Winter Campaign 2014


Winter Prevention Campaign 2014 was launched on June 10th with the sponsor of the Fire Department of Santiago and Pro Cobre. COANIQUEM introduced the pet Santi, who will teach the children the hazards of hot objects and how to prevent getting burned.

December 2013

On December 6 started the campaign “Alto al Fuego” (Stop the fire) for the prevention of burns by the use of domestic fireworks which are banned by the law since 2000. From this date until January 6, every pediatric hospital informs COANIQUEM of every child that consults because of burn injuries by fireworks. Before the enactment of the law, more than 70 children suffered this kind of burns every year. Many needed amputation and most of them were not even manipulating these dangerous objects but watching the game. The government now promotes public shows with awesome, beautiful and safe firework displays. Few children still get burned because of unscrupulous dealers that illegally profit from this kind of entertainment, therefore COANIQUEM conducts this campaign to warn parents and children during the holidays.




Description: Dr Rojas y J dacarret 2013.jpg
During 2014 COANIQUEM will conduct with the support of AGCI (Chilean Agency for International Aid) the 8th International Training Program in Rehabilitation of Burned Children with the participation of 21 health care professionals from Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. After an e-learning course and one month stay at the Rehabilitation Center, the professionals will be able to implement good practices of COANIQUEM’s model of care at their home burn centers. More than 2 million children suffer from burn injuries each year in these countries.
In the picture: Dr Jorge Rojas-Zegers and Jorge Daccarett Director of AGCI





November  2013
Description: Tur Bus
Tur Bus will continue providing free transport for patients of COANIQUEM
The long-distance transport company, Tur-Bus, renewed the agreement with COANIQUEM and will continue providing free transport for patients and parents to the rehabilitation centers of Santiago, Antofagasta and Puerto Montt. This agreement that started 17 years ago benefits more than 4,000 children and parents each year, allowing young burned victims to receive timely treatment. Besides, Tur-Bus provides free cargo transport of medical and office supplies between COANIQUEM’s regional offices and rehabilitation centers nationwide.
In the picture: Tur Bus CEO Víctor Ide and Dr. Jorge Rojas Zegers Presidente of COANIQUEM.




October 6, 2013 - Fiesta Afloat

BCF held its annual fundraiser with a cruise of the San Francisco, featuring live music, food and beverages. The presentation and auction were a big success with BCF having one of its most successful events! Dr. Rojas was in attendance as were several Board members and the Chilean consul. AS you can see our new mascot, Santi, was also along for the ride! Our special guest at the event was one of the first children treated at CAONIQUEM. He now lives in Lafayette, California. He spoke to the guests about his treatment and how his life was forever changed by his experience as a burned child and by his rehabilitation at COANIQUEM.

 On November 29 2013, Fundación Educacional Casabierta COANIQUEM held the first public fund raising campaign to aid children with burn injuries to receive education while in treatment in the rehabilitation center of Santiago.

For 17 years now, this Hospital School has been providing instruction to primary and secondary students, helping children regain academic progress during periods of rehabilitation. The school is accredited by the local public school system, and is based on the same curriculum and testing methods mandated by the Education Ministry.
"Children of distant regions treated at COANIQUEM, cannot lose the continuity of their rehabilitation treatment and should not lose their classes either, because they are left behind in their studies" said Dr. Jorge Rojas Zegers, president of COANIQUEM and awarded Social Entrepreneur of the Year.

Besides education, children and parents treated at COANIQUEM receive free room and board at the on-site residency Casabierta.

October 2013

In October 2013, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and COANIQUEM signed an agreement to promote joint actions in the fields of medicine and education, as well as to obtain resources to benefit children and youth with burn injuries treated at COANIQUEM.

During the activity, the chancellor of the University awarded Dr Jorge Rojas Zegers, President of COANIQUEM, with the 125 years medal of this college and welcomed the opportunity to work together in such important areas as the pediatrics hospital, education and prevention of these pathologies.

“What we want is that our patients recover as quickly and comprehensively as possible and that students of this college develop their maximum potential” said Dr Rojas.


May 2013

During a lunch with jurors and winners from previous years, Dr. Jorge Rojas Zegers thanked the Social Entrepreneur Award 2012, which gave him “El Sábado” magazine of "El Mercurio" newspaper and Schwab Foundation, in its seventh version.

Accompanied by his wife María Ester Goldsack and two of his seven children, Dr. Rojas was awarded by  the CEO of " El Mercurio " Cristián Zegers , the Finance Minister Felipe Larrain and the publisher of journals Paula Escobar,  who agreed and  highlighted the work of Dr. Rojas  “MD, researcher, professor, musician and founder of COANIQUEM (34 years ago), an organization that has rehabilitated for free to over one hundred thousand children and young people with burns in Chile and whose model of care is being implemented in many countries" says El Mercurio.

"A really great work that has now been extended to the United States, delivering not only ethical, but also a passionate desire to make a comprehensive work, an eloquent example of Chilean society’s best face" said Cristián Zegers.


September 2012
Description: C:\Users\Coaniquem\Pictures\Condecoracion JRZ 31-08-12 (2).jpg

On August 31 2012 Dr Jorge Rojas-Zegers, founder of COANIQUEM, was awarded the “Order of the Southern Cross” handed by the President of the Republic, Sebastian Pinera, in its greater degree of “Collar”.

During the ceremony held in the “Palacio de la Moneda”, the President highlighted the work done by COANIQUEM during the last 33 years. He also said that during his travels he has experimented how COANIQUEM is considered an invaluable contribution to the health of children.

Dr Rojas expressed: “I am honored and motivated to continue working in the Public Health path and call upon all of you to support COANIQUEM”.

Order of the Southern Cross
The national award called “Order of the Southern Cross”, was created on May 6th 1930 and has been delivered in very few occasions to national or foreign people who have excelled in the field of public health.





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